Charity Work


As stated elsewhere in our web-site information, Cambodia Services has pledged itself to returning a percentage of its profits to the poor people of Cambodia.

We are proud to be a Cambodian company and proud of our nation, which has endured so much over the past decades. But despite the revival of the Cambodian economy and the protracted and welcome period of current peace, most of the rural poor of our country have barely changed. Generous foreign aid has poured into Cambodia yet education and health problems still abound in the Cambodian countryside and the years of civil war and genocide have left countless orphans. The curse of land mines still blights our nation and leaves significant numbers of our citizens dead or maimed every year.

It is against this backdrop that our company is seeking to invest some of its profits in charities or projects which attempt to improve the living conditions and education of the rural poor. Our assistance may sometimes be in the form of a money donation to an orphanage, but is more often a gift of practical materials such as clothes and food, or educational material like writing paper, pens and class-books. We endeavor to make all donations in person. Time can be as useful a thing to donate as money and it is always fulfilling to return again and again to a project, renew old friendships and see how the project is progressing.

Support from Our Friends and Customers

In general, our attempts to give something back to our nation are appreciated and understood by our customers. Some customers even go further and assist us with donations. While we would under no circumstances expect this we are extremely grateful to anyone who tries to help the poor or disadvantaged of our country.

Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel for sustainable tourism development is what we are for "Tourism for all and all for tourism"

Wherever we visit to and cycle to, we see the wonderful smile of the children, the villages, the community and the people. We like to see them living in the sustainable community development by supporting the kids in education field, experiencing the local and rural community.

Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam have been long suffered by the war especially Cambodia had been through a very bad experience of the Khmer Rouge from 1975 to 1979.

The 3 countries in Indochina are still developing their countries. Every year, Cambodia government still depends on some of the international community AID. We really appreciate and grateful to the financial support from the international community such as are the E.U (European Union), United States (USAID), United Kingdom, Australia (AUSAID), France, UN Development  Program (UNDP), Japan, China and Korea. We also appreciate and grateful from the work of International NGOs and local NGOs who have been working actively in Cambodia and all the volunteers.

Each contribution can make it big toward country development. We have been working successfully to support some of the community based NGOs in Cambodia by sending international Volunteers to work with the NGOs and directly with people in the community and taking our cycling tours to visit the community.

We have now extended our works in Laos by working with Village Focus International and support a few of community based NGOs in Vietnam, the orphanage center for the volunteers to work there and taking our cycling tour to visit.

Responsible Tourism for Education

We strongly believe that children with better education will have better future. Some of the profit from our trip will be used to purchase stationary including note books, pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers, colors and tables. In 2004, we repaired the floating school at Tonle Sap Lake with funds from the donors in the U.K. We would like to extend our sincere thanks. So, we recommend you to bring along some school stationary during your cycling tour. The kids would be pleased to have them.

Responsible Tourism for Community Development

Through our experience in rural and community development more than 10 years, we have found out that, community based organization works more effective toward country development than National Level Organizations. Because at community level, they know exactly what their community need and they have also encouraged the local people in the community to participate.

In a long run, this would be better for sustainable development. For example, they know exactly the community needs a health center, a pumping well or a rural road. Then they participate in the projects to take care the rural road and the pumping well for sustainable use. Whereas the organizations at National levels focus more on policy development, more and more they also looking for community based NGOs to support their funds because the community based NGOs are better implementing agencies. Therefore, we like to support community based projects and take our cycling tours to visit community.

Responsible Travel by Volunteering

Volunteers has been playing an important role in community development. Each contribution is small but together, we can make it big toward country development. We send international volunteers to work directly with community based NGOs and the people in the community.

More than 5 years, we have been also volunteering our times to participate in country development activities by supporting some of the National levels and community based levels to strengthen their capacity building, organizational structure through workshop and training, making policies such as Board of Director Manual, Management Policy, Staff Policy, And Financial Policy. So far, we have supported: SILAKA, Church World Service (CWS), American Friend Services in Cambodia (AFSC), and in Laos, Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), PACT, Working Group for Weapon Reduction (WGWR), Youth Resource Development Program (YRDP), Youth For Peace (YFP), Action Conflict Transformation (ACT) and two community based organizations in Battambang: Friend Economic Development Association (FEDA), Thean Thor (HIV/AIDS) organization.

We have now extended our services to Laos and Vietnam for free of charge. So, if there are any organizations would like to apply for our services. Please fill in our contact form. In order, to respond to the requirement of the International donors, and joining WTO (Wold Trade Organization). Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam need to have international standard of the organizational structure including Board of Directors, Executive Direct, Management Community, and their proper policies and all have to be accountable and transparency for the public, the beneficiary and the donors.

Board of Director (No Salary)

Board of Director for Non Profit and Non Government Organization do not take salary. It is the key to successful leading of the organization. Because they do not take personal interest above the organization's interests. Board of Director normally consists of odd number for easy voting system; with a minimum of 3 people from a small organization to a larger numbers depends on how big and the scope of the organization. Board Members should consist of more than 50% local people and less than 50% expat. We are volunteering our times and serve on a board of an orphanage center in Siem Reap. We are ready to serve as board members for other organizations in Laos and Vietnam. To learn more about Board Members of the organizations in Cambodia, please contact us.

Policy Making & Renewal (Volunteering)

In order to respond to the international standard and donors as well as when Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos join the World Trade Organization (WTO). NGOs should have proper policy making and renewal so that they benefits the national interest, beneficiary, the NGOs itself and the donors. We are volunteering our times to help supports of the NGOs and would like to extend our services free of charge to Laos and Vietnam. Mostly, we get our work done through e-mail communication and we can commit our times twice a year for onsite visit to have meeting together with the Board and Management Committee of the NGOs to make sure they are happy with the work we have done for them.

Workshop and Training (Volunteering)

Capacity building and developing organizational structure works also effectively through workshop and training. We can commit our times twice a year to do onsite workshop and training on some of the key presentation for developing organizational structure and strengthening capacity building to help the key personnel of the organization to understand their roles and responsibility, therefore they do not have any role conflict. We are extending our services to Laos and Vietnam for free of charge, to exchange our experiences of the issues the NGOs in Cambodia have and learn from their experiences.