At Cambodia Services, we continue to maintain our high standards for all of our guests and strive to make your travel adventure a thrilling and rewarding one that you will remember for a lifetime. We are native Cambodians and therefore, we are specialists and know our country better than anyone one else, you can rely upon accurate, up-to-date and honest information, fair prices and knowledge about every aspect of travel in our homeland. With our world famous hospitality, we invite you to come to The Kingdom of Wonder and thrill to its people, its monuments and awe-inspiring natural wonders. We have a seamless organization that can connect you to all South East Asian countries should you wish to travel outside of Cambodia.

Creating Unique Touring Experiences
Our expert travel team has planned your trip so that you can experience the very best of what Cambodia and Thailand have to offer. We understand that many will have various needs and wants for each particular tour that may not be included in an itinerary. We will plan any tour to meet your particular demands. Please Send inquiry>>>


As a newer tourist destination, Cambodia is both rich in culture and natural beauty. The untouched ancient temples, friendly local villages, and stunning colonial architecture, deliver a trip that one won’t easily forget. Lodging in Cambodia combines both luxury and ...


Thailand is called the land of smiles for a good reason. From serene sandy beaches to bustling cosmopolitan cities, truly there is something here to please everyone. Our partner hotels in Thailand are deeply experienced in delivering superb service, making every client feel at ...