Cambodia Services is a travel tour operator and has become the leading, most-trusted name in Southeast Asia touring. We offer a wide variety of experiences from bird watching, photography tours, cycling and trekking to traditional explorations and more.

Whatever your adventure may be, you can rest assured that each and every one of our guides is an expert in their chosen field, with years of experience. Our offices are located in the major centers of Southeast Asia: Cambodia and Thailand. The teams in each country offer a relevant resource for both the experienced and inexperienced traveler.

Cambodia Services holds active membership in various travel associations throughout the area and one of our main goals is to provide a sustainable and earth-friendly experience wherever we travel. Because tourism can help local citizens sustain dignity-in-work, we believe that our effort help communities to flourish. We encourage and support the effort of NGOs (nongovernmental organizations,) including those who provide for the poor, orphans, those having HIV/AIDS, and rural public school children.

The people of Southeast Asia have experienced a horrific recent past, but as the mythological phoenix arose from is pyre to renew and regenerate itself, so do the people of this amazing land. We invite you to witness firsthand the glories of nature, mysterious and inspiring religious monuments, vibrant cities, terrific cuisine, but most of all, we invite you to meet some of the "friendliest people on earth."We welcome your visit soon!

Cambodia Services Management Team

  • images/blog-image/team-member/Guide_Sophoan_Rath_National_guide_Cambodia.jpg
    Sophoan Rath
    National Guide - Licensed national English speaking guide and tour operator
  • images/blog-image/team-member/Guide_Soeung_Lim.jpg
    Soeung Lim
    Web Developer
  • images/blog-image/team-member/Guide_Sokhim_Fey.jpg
    Sokhim Fey
    IT Team Work
  • images/blog-image/team-member/Guide_Kim_Sokha.jpg
    Kim Saphatt
    Licensed English Speaking Guide
  • images/blog-image/team-member/Guide_Sokhouch_Chhay.jpg
    Sokhouch Chhay
    Licensed English Speaking Guide
  • images/blog-image/team-member/Guide_Lux_Marea.jpg
    Chankanha Sim
    Licensed Chinese Speaking Guide
  • images/blog-image/team-member/Guide_Toy-Sarith.jpg
    Sok Sarith
    English and Thai speaking guide at Poi Pet border, The Cambodia-Thailand international border crossing
  • images/blog-image/team-member/Guides_Sok_Ve.jpg
    Ve Sok
    English and Thai speaking guide at Poi Pet border, The Cambodia-Thailand international border crossing
  • images/blog-image/team-member/Guides_Huy_Sarath.jpg
    Huy Sarath
    Licensed German speaking guide
  • images/blog-image/team-member/Guides_Kim_Huch.jpg
    Huch Kim
    Licensed Italian and English speaking guide
  • images/blog-image/team-member/Guided_Bopha_Chem.JPG
    Sopha Chem
    Licensed Spanish speaking guide