Why Travel With Us!

Local Knowledge

Our multi-national teams in Southeast Asia are staffed with experts who have invaluable knowledge at their disposal and are able to recommend the best places for your tailor-made Asia tour.

A direct line to Asia

When you travel with Cambodia Services, you will be working with a staff who can quickly and efficiently access the latest information about the area you wish to visit. We are able to find the best possible bargains and travel accommodations quickly and with no hassle.

Freedom to create your own unique itinerary

We work individually to design an adventure that meets the needs and wishes of each of our travelers. We understand the unique and varied requirements of our guests; therefore we are able to create a personalized itinerary that is unique to each traveler.

Best available prices

Because our experts are uniquely teamed throughout Southeast Asia, we are able to offer the best rates and specials and can pass the savings we find on to our travelers.

Authentic experiences

The rare, the unique and less trodden pathways we offer our guests will help to introduce true-life experiences of the citizens, the culture and the thrilling sites that you will encounter.

Informed advice

Personalized itineraries for the experienced and inexperienced traveler are what have made our service unique in all of Southeast Asia. We take our time, we listen to you and we plan according to your individual needs and wishes.

Cambodia Services has served the needs of travelers since 1999. We know Southeast Asia! Plan your adventure in the secure confidence that your fondest dreams will come true.